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Selfden manual

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All safety-related information is indicated by the following symbol: The manual covers one Furlex size, 100 S. Open the catalog to. It definitely pays to spend time with this system - then it seems to work incredibly well. • Gives the gennaker more clear air • Facilitates rapid gybing • Always ready for quick extension • Makes for fast and efficient gennaker handling • Improves performance when gennaker sailing • Can be fitted to most yachts • Available in carbon or aluminium Extendable gennaker bowsprit sold as a kit for deck mounting. The power and acceleration achieved when unfurling a Code 0 or an asymmetric spinnaker is spectacular. From single-line reefing systems to high-purchase internal outhaul systems, Seldén booms can be equipped with a range of sophisticated features that will make your sailing easier, faster and more convenient.

Jib Furling and Reefing Systems for yachts up to 30ft. Browse our selection and shop now! • We like the one single spreader reference mark positioned in the middle of the aft edge of the. 5/CX10, GX10/CX15, GX15/CX25 & GX25/CX45. It is very important to read and note these cross references.

The shapely, padded wing extends over the arm to increase the area of the soft, supportive back cushions -- perfect for lounging. Block MRB60 single, ratchet. The manual is divided into four sections. Collection Features The Parkville collection&39;s sculptural silhouette was designed to marry style with classic comfort. Centred and insulated forestay and completely insulated joining sleeves make furling easier, reduce. Selden 204S and 304S - Installation Manual and Spare Parts.

Manual switch for either ratchet function or free-turning. BOOMS FOR DINGHIES. Video guided instructions on setting up your GX Series Spinnaker and Gennaker Furling systems. One is a GENERAL DESCRIPTION of the system and of the included electrical and mechanical parts.

pdf, 528 Kb) Selden CX25. Manual for installation and operation for GX7. · If someone hasn&39;t taken their main all the way off, serviced the furler like the Selden manual directs, then put it back on, figured out the optimal boom angle, halyard tension, etc. The motor can be retrofitted to Seldén furling masts type RB (~36-43’ yachts). The motor is completely integrated in the mast and connected to the Seldén Power Supply and SEL-Bus system. Complementary Hardware Harken Complementary Hardware Manuals: Cleats, Organizers, Stay Tensioners, Accessories, Bosun&39;s Chair. The manual covers two different Furlex sizes, 200 S and 300 S. 2 Responses to “Selden Inmast Furling Rig Parts” Gail Inman on Aug @ 4:54 pm Do you have the model number or any other way I can see if this will fit my boat?

Fisheries Supply offers a wide variety of marine products, including Selden Mast Sailing Parts Sailboat Parts & Hardware. The model designation can be found on the line drum top. Useful publications Conversion factors Contents in alphabetical order The information and specifications contained in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice. Block MRB60 cheek. Blocks Harken Block Manuals: T2, TTR2, Carbo AirBlocks, Small Boat, Big Boat, 2-speed mainsheet, dinghy vang system. Discover all the products from Seldén Mast AB and see a list of their distributors. Proven design blended with innovation is our way to maintain the iconic heritage of Furlex.

66M) You may also like. Simply hoist the furled sail, release the furling line, pull on the sheet and you have added horse power to your sailing and given your crew a positive sailing experience. you&39;ll have problems.

– It will make your sailing more fun. download resources. Each section contains references selfden manual to the other. UPGRADE YOUR MANUAL FURLEX. Block MRB60 single/becket.

The 4th generation is an evolution of this proven design. Push-button performance is selfden manual an easy upgrade for anyone who already has a manual Furlex 200S or 300S series (production yearor the current models 204S or 304S on their yacht. Item Description. Furling masts manual, hydraulic and electric drive Furlex jib furling and reefing system Spinnaker poles and accessories Just smart At your service.

Search only for selfden manual. The model designation can be found on the aft edge of the through-deck fitting. study this manual carefully. In any case, I encourage everyone to open the mast access covers, and learn how this all works. It&39;s very well built, and easy to understand. Replacing Gas Strut in a Selden Rodkicker.

Selden Mast • Install trim marks on the spreaders at the mid-point aligned with the center of the hull. See more results. Manual for furling mast type rae. gas spring, it is the extra hard version I have mounted so it is a bit hard to get the boom in level. A guide to all community resources and supports in Ada County & Canyon County. The manual is divided into two sections, one dealing with ASSEMBLY and one with OPERATION.

Selden Furlex 104S. Please consult with us about any orders or if you have questions regarding specific products. Furlex is specified and manufactured using Metric dimensions. · I eventually found selden manuals online. E40i – THE EASILY PLACED ELECTRIC WINCH.

Perfect for anyone looking to set make their sailing easier. For carefree sailing The fourth generation of Furlex is an uncompromising evolution of the world’s best selling jib furling and reefing system. 2 study it, and follow the instructions carefully, and we guarantee you many years or pleasurable useв в· gerry douglas describes the selden in mast furling on the new catalina 355. The second section is dealing with INSTALLATION (the electrical components) of a system mounted on a new furling mast, and the third one describes how to OPERATE the system. To assist owners unfamiliar with this system, the approximate equivalent Imperial dimensions are given in brackets.

Self Rescue Manual Self Rescue Manual Self Rescue Manual. If you need help preventing the boom from dropping into the cockpit or onto the coach roof during reefing, consider a Selden Boom Vang. Selden Boom Vangs. Manual furling masts; Hydraulic cruise control; Electric cruise control; Technical information; Keelboat masts; Headboxes; Mast bases & Deck rings; Hydraulic mast jack; Backstay flicker & lazy jacks; Forestay & backstay toggles; Forestay fittings & halyard routings; Lights; Running backstay attachments; Spreaders; MDS full-batten concept; RCB. Attached near the masthead on a masthead rig, and at forestay level on a fractional rig.

Unless indicated otherwise, all dimensions in the manual are given in millimetres (mm). Cap shrouds: (V1-V3, D4) Stay the mast against lateral (athwartship) loads. The manual covers the Furlex size 400 TD. A lot of people forget to lubricate the selden furlex system so this time I check and lubricate the whole system. The furling line, drum and the line guard assembly are simply replaced with a Furlex electric motor unit. All safety-related information is indicated by the following symbol: The manual covers two different Furlex sizes, 200 S and 300 S. &92;r The Parkville features a divided back cushion selfden manual and all of its surfaces are padded, including the arm and the full chaise. The worlds best selling jib furling system.

The Selden Rodkicker Boom Vang helps lift the boom and is excellent for trimming the main in light air. The coach roof is the normal place for a winch that operates halyards, reef lines, outhaul and control lines. Open the catalog to page 1. · The mast is now mounted and I mount my selden rodkicker with the new 2500N. It is important you don&39;t use much grease b. pdf, 729 Kb) Selden CX15 ManualE (Selden_CX15_Manual_597-001-E. Next I mount the. I interpreted, measured, stewed some more, measured a few more times, and finally bought some rope from defender.

Selden CX10 ManualE (Selden_CX10_Manual_597-023-E. Seldén dinghy booms have been designed to offer the ultimate in stiffness, weight and functionality. We can also provide servicing and preventative maintenance for all your Selden products. Don’t get becalmed. The Selden Furlex has been tried and tested for decades on board all kinds of sailing boats in all conditions.

Manual for Furling mast Contents: Page: Contents: Page: Product description 2 Spare mainsail 9 Luff extrusion 4-5 Anti-vibration strip 10 Operation & Operational hints 6 Running cables 10 Fitting & Hoisting the sail 8 Maintenance 10 Before sailing 8 Dismantling 12-13 Sail dimension 9 Important points 16. I learned how to splice the braided rope and crafted some cute little eye splices to affix to the cars. DrJudyB, macdu and Sailm8. A clutch allows the motor to be disconnected for manual operation, if ever needed. The cap shrouds are led via spreaders to the boat’s. 5, GX10, GX15 & GX25 Seldén Furling system for Gennakers/Asymmetric spinnakers and Seldén GX Tack adapter compatible with CX furler GX7.

As mentioned, the Selden manual shows the set screw very clearly. Contact the manufacturer directly for a quote.

Selfden manual

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