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The camera has an IR cut filter attached and a 0. This complete stand alone system. Revolution Imager 2 First Light: M13 - posted in Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA): Ok, so as I understand the forum rules, this image should be OK (please give me some slack if not as Im pretty new to this forum). See more results. The R2 version does a maximum of 5. The Revolution Imager R2 is so much fun! My new "toy" is a Revolution Imager 2, and a Funstar.

0, COPYRIGHT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1 Mark 7® revolution 2 imager user manual Revolution User Manual v 2. Understand all safety and operating instructions. The original language of this document is English, Direction NumberEN, Revision 1.

It seems that planetary web cams/CMOS cams get much better videos and images. The Revolution Imager camera contains a host of features that are useful for astronomical purposes and a number of features are designed for it&39;s day-time or night time use a security camera. OPT Telescopes Online HQ. 25″ adapter and focal reducer system, IR block filter plus USB (5v) – 12v converter cable and USB Video Grabber! This second generation Revolution Imager R2 System has an easier menu to operate, better contrast control, better gain control, and finer image processing on board. The FunStar is an adapter for Celestron SCT telescopes that allows you to place the Revolution Imager in the secondary mirror position of your SCT telescope allowing you to use the telescope at an amazing focal ration of f/2, this gives you the widest possible views and the lowest exposure times!

The Revolution Imager R2 features a series of a on-screen menus that allow you alter the exposure settings, adjust colors, enable stacking and host of other features. 5x focal reducer and a 1. With the Revolution imager, all you must do is make some simple connections, and you can use the power of the most modern technology to see celestial objects on the included color monitor using a modestly sized telescope. Telescope: Celestron Nextstar 5SE Foca. This is a powerful and complete system, with 7″ colour monitor, R2 imager, advanced multi-part 1. 12 second exposure and now stacks up to 6 images instead of 5 in the first generation Revolution Imager. 99 Only 11 left in stock - order soon. 4GHz DSSS Train Engineer System since.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. So while the Revolution imager does not prodcue the same quality of result, you get to see something right away with a fraction of the effort needed to do planetary imaging or super high resolution CCD imaging. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Revolution Imager for Telescope - Live Color Video Camera with Monitor at Amazon. This is a video camera that can be used for terrestial objects such as birds or other things that are viewed from a distance and for imaging both planetary and lunar objects.

I am using USB 2. Sold by Delta Prime Savings Club and ships from Amazon OPT is Online Only. You can, also, set a fixed gain setting and the camera will apply that level of gain permanently. scs01 saw pdf manual download. The Revolution Imager is a self-contained video astronomy camera, and in its R2 Version model, it is better than ever! Revolution imager Object Settings Object Scene Select Shutter AGC Shutter AGC Max DNR Day Night Focal Reducer Jupiter Custom Manual 1/10,000 24 DB Off Day No Jupiter & Moons Custom Manual 1/10,000 42 DB Off Day No Mars Custom Manual 1/10,000 12 DB Off Day No Saturn Custom Manual 1/1,000 18 DB Off Day No M104 Galaxy Custom Manual DB On.

It comes with almost everything you need to capture color images of the Universe and display them on the included 7” battery-powered monitor — all you need to bring to the table is a telescope! Revolution Imager R2 fits any standard 1. 25" telescope and lets you see much fainter objects than the human eye ever could. Page 1 of 2 - Revolution Imager R2 - posted in Equipment: Hi Guys. · (Maybe video would have been more suitable. The Revolution Imager comes with a lot of parts - this page will help you identify and assemble all the pieces to get up and running how to assemble the parts After unpacking you will need to identify the following pieces. View at 720p HD - Live Views using the Revolution Imager from OC Telescope, California USA.

25-inch nosepiece, a 0. You can set the maximum amount of gain, low, medium, or high and the camera will adjust the gain to produce an image. Carlsbad, CA 9. Using the Remote Control. · The Revolution Imager came mostly packaged in a nice soft-sided case containing the camera, 7" color monitor (with adjustable stand and wireless remote), small wired remote for the camera, 1. Open your window to the universe even wider with this USB Video Capture adapter that will allow you to capture images and videos from the Revolution Imager to share with the world. but does not go over to sharpcap. 58x Focal Reduce.

· Once again, these images were taken with my Celestron 9. 5X reducer UV/IR cut filter Umbilical C. Plug & Play and compatible for Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems! Zip Mate Attachment. With the Revolution Video Imager R2, you can now see more of the Universe than with a standard eyepiece! It is an unedited, non-postprocessed image of M13 taken through my 6SE with the R2 and the mini-DVR and the following parameters: Scene Select: Custom; Shutter AGC: Manual. Once I adjusted the exposure settings a pretty good view of the galaxy appeared. Vignetting is obvious in my previous images which surprised me as I can usually get to ~f/4.

With Revolution, you can get a great result even with rough polar alignment because the total exposure time is very short. A tip: when adjusting settings, make a small change and then wait a few seconds for the image to stabilize at that setting before making any additional change. What are your thought about that? See the mountains, valleys and seas of the Moon. Image taken from a mountain, a dark(ish) location, revolution 2 imager user manual down southern part of NSW near Kiama, called Saddleback Mountain. What is Revolution imager R2? Page 3 Revolution CT User Manual DirectionEN, Revision 1 Revision History Revision Date Reason For Change August Initial release. Get top stories of the week and special discount offers right in your inbox.

This new version does a maximum of 5. 6 zoom lens for the Revolution Imager with a 30mm aperture that can be used to view large deep-sky objects (like the Andromeda Galaxy) without the use of a telescope, or provide a wide-view of the sky for captu. 25" Adapter. What tends to set this apart from other cameras is its ability to give you views and images of deep space objects too. 5 with my Mallincam MFR5 II without noticing the vignetting. · The Revolution Imager comes in a soft case that includes the camera, a 12V rechargeable battery plus charger, a 7-inch colour monitor with an adjustable stand and a number of accessories – a 1. · The view of the deep southern part of the Milkyway around the Southern Cross, Crux, and Centaurus region.

5X focal reducer, 1. How does Revolution imager work? · The first Deep Sky Object (DSO) I viewed with the Revolution Imager was M104 (Sombrero Galaxy). Using this camera on the moon - Did anyone get good video of the moon with it? The camera, a Revolution Imager LNis in a meade SN10 S. . 25″ focuser and lets you see much fainter objects than the human eye ever could. About the Revolution Imager System.

Unlock the SPEED of your Celestron SCT telescope with the FunStar! Also for: Rtm01, Scs02. ) Here are a couple of shots with the RI-1, to compare with the RI-2 below: M27. Instruction Manuals Evolution Instruction manuals are available in low resolution. Page 2 Revolution CT User Manual DirectionEN, Revision 1 This page left intentionally blank.

View and Download RotoZip Scs01 owner&39;s manual online. You can unsubscribe at any time. 25-inch infrared-cut filter. This is about the Revolution Imager version R2. 25" SCT, Revolution Imager 2, 0.

What is Revolution Imager camera? This is a powerful and complete stand alone system, with 7″ colour monitor, R2 imager, advanced multi-part 1. Meade ETX 80 GoTo refractor, RD Finder, Astrozap dew shield, solar filter, Revolution Imager R2 kit for EAA GSkyer 80 mm refractor on a manual altaz mount, 6X30 finder Orion SkyScanner 100 tabletop reflector, RDF 2" Eyepieces: Agena Astro 38 mm 70 degree, Apertura 30 mm 68 degree, Meademm 82 degree. ↳ SharpCap User Manual. This image was taken with a Canon 5D mk4 using a Canon L-series 24-105mm Lens set to f4. This item: Revolution Imager for Telescope - Live Color Video Camera with Monitor 9. On this page we will outline the options that you need to use to start observing tonight.

This page will introduce you to the menu system and some of the options. 2245 Camino Vida Roble. . pdf format for faster downloads.

The RI-2 needs no introduction, but the Funstar is a lensless adapter that replaces my C-11 EdgeHD primary mirror, to hold the RI-2 at primary focus. 25" adapter, 1. The Revolution Imager allows you to beat light pollution and see faint deep space objects with telescopes of moderate size from urban and suburban environments. 5X focal reducer and UV-IR filter which came with the R2.

The Revolution: Zoom is a compact 6-60mm f/1. 12 second exposure and now stacks up to 6 images instead of 5. The Revolution Imager fits any standard 1.

0 Read this manual. Revolution Camera Battery 7" Color Monitor 1. A portable battery-powered 7-inch screen allows you to share your view and leave the laptop at home.

25″ adapter and focal reducer system, IR block filter plus (NEW) 5v – 12v converter cable and (NEW) USB Video Grabber. A Red 29 filter was used to focu. First video I did using it it on the first day.

Can Revolution imager predict polar alignment? MARK 7® RELOADING REVOLUTION USER MANUAL VERSION 2. The revolution 2 imager user manual 7" monitor that the revolution camera comes with has a good image. Revolution Imager Quick Sort By Product (A-Z) Product (Z-A) Price (Low-High) Price (High-Low) Date (New-Old) Date (Old-New) revolution 2 imager user manual Rating (Worst-Best) Rating (Best-Worst). This newest version, Revolution Imager R2, has an easier menu to operate, better contrast control, better gain control and finer image processing on board.

Failure to comply with the warnings and instructions may result in serious injury, illness or death. I keep on watching videos made by the Revolution Imager and to be honest - everything seem very. USB Video Capture device for the Revolution Imager and other Analog Video Astronomy cameras. Revolution Imager R2 Astronomy Video Camera with 7” Viewing Screen & Free RI-USB Video Capture Adapter.

Revolution Imager R2 camera on an Explore Scientific Twilight II mount in an Explore Scientific AR102 achromatic refractor. We have been manufactured the Revolution 2. The Revolution Imager uses a system called "Automatic Gain Control" or "AGC" to apply gain to the image.

Revolution 2 imager user manual

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